Bitcoin and Blockchain Consulting and Sales

My mission is simple, bring Bitcoin to Albuquerque. I started ABQBitcoins with the intention of bringing easy access to both information about bitcoins to both merchants and consumers to the Albuquerque Area.

I believe an important step towards Bitcoin acceptance is merchant adoption, and with that in mind I aim to get as many local merchants here in the Albuquerque area turned on to bitcoins. In return, I am willing to advertise and list any and all merchants in the Albuquerque Area on my website free of charge. I want to be the go to source for where you can spend your hard earned bitcoins right here in town.

Finally, I want to be a valuable and reliable source of information for all things bitcoin, big or small. For all your bitcoin questions, I would like to offer up my own experience and guidance so that your journey will not be as confusing as mine was when I first learned of all this bitcoin business. Whether it be here on my website, or face to face with you during a transaction, I hope to answer any and all questions that you might have so that you feel as good as you possibly can about your bitcoins.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have learned something useful today!