Consulting Services

Everything you need to get started the right way the first time

Here at ABQBitcoins, our goal is to help take the confusion out of all this new technology and help get you up the right way the first time. No more wondering if you did everything right, sleepless nights hopeing you put all the pieces together correctly and your new crpyto fortune is kept safe and secure.

We understand how daunting Bitcoin can be. We've been offering Bitcoin services to the Albuqeurque Area since 2013, and in all that time we have built up the knowledge and experience required in today's Blockchain world. We offer wallet creation and setup assistance services, group workshops on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, as well as 1 on 1 coaching and support for all your Blockchain issues.

Expert Setup

With years of experience behind us, we offer industry leading security standards and expert setup and walk through of blockchain wallets and assets as well as descriptions of top tokens, breakdown of the risks and benefits of crypto assets, and up to date news and information.

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Industry Standard Security

Offering Industry Standard cold storage wallet solutions from Trezor and Ledger with CryptoSteel etched metal backup solutions, ABQBitcoins offers the most secure bitcoin storage environments currently available to the general public. We can help with the setup, handle, backup, and proper guidanc e on use of each device included with every consult.

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Teaching and Knowledge

Small private coaching on everything from secure wallet setup to disaster planning and recovery, we have the knowledge and experience to protect yourself in today's everchanging world. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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